About Us

IRTSA (International Reproductive Technologies Support Agency) is the leading European agency for organizing and supporting reproductive programs using ART methods, including surrogacy, oocyte donation, and delayed parenthood. 

IRTSA is one of the very few Agencies which provides a full range of services dealing with support of today’s most effective reproductive programs, including support of IVF, infertility treatment, egg donation, surrogacy, etc. The headquarters is deliberately registered in Ukraine due to its favorable and loyal legislation in ART (assisted reproductive technologies) sphere. In fact, IRTSA delivers its services to citizens of any country in the world.

Our Team

To solve clients’ problems fast and efficiently, we have united specialists into integrated and mobile team. There are only highly skilled practicing specialists: doctors, lawyers, psychologists, managers and linguists among its members. Our company has its own representatives and partners in Great Britain, Spain, Israel, India, the USA, Czech Republic, Sweden, Australia and China. The team is flexible, hard-working, highly responsive, and honest. Pulling together these factors and the highest possible attention to detail — all of which IRTSA offers with a personal service – makes agency one of the most reliable and competent company working today. IRTSA Ukraine strongly believes that all above-mentioned qualities create a cornerstone to success in achieving people’s dream — to have a baby.

Assistance Delivered

Company provides assistance to its clients from matching  a reproductive clinic to carrying out all essential legal procedures concerning child's registration. Agency is well known for its personalized, professional matching services which start with the first phone call and last until the parents come back to their home country with the baby.

Every aspect of agency activities is based on the clients' objectives. We offer consultations of highly skilled specialists, access to extensive data-base of clinics in Georgia, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic, organization of quality medical evaluation, coordination of medical programs, conclusion of contracts, legal paper processing, and various consulting and representative services.

IRTSA can assist foreign parents not only to take their child home but also to consult on the issues of his/her registration in their home country.

Why our company?

IRTSA is based in 2009 on a specialized legal company, which offers legal support of medical practice. Owing to advanced legal tools, we solve fast and easily the most complicated legal problems.

Today’s one of the best samples of legal and information documents (agreements, treatment protocols, informed consent to treatment, application forms, etc.) were developed specially for our Agency to establish legal relations among participants of ART programs.

Our company has close partner relations with many reproductive clinics of Georgia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and others. That is why we always leave clinics to our clients’ choice and do not offer untrustworthy medical institutions located in vaults or shoe shops.

We apply American standard of delivering services allowing our clients to enjoy personalized care and attention. Intended Parents have a possibility to monitor the progress of their program and receive necessary in-time information on the special page of this website.

The company motto is qualified assistance, reliable support and protection only.

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