Zlin Clinic for Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecology

Zlin Clinic for Reproductive Medicine and GynaecologyZlin Clinic for Reproductive Medicine and GynaecologyZlin Clinic for Reproductive Medicine and GynaecologyZlin Clinic for Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecology
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Czech Republic / Zlin

The Clinic for Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecology was founded in 2001 as a private IVF centre and has since remained exclusive facility of reproductive medicine in Zlín region, easternmost part of the Czech Republic. The main sphere of our work involves a comprehensive examination of infertile couples. We have put into practise techniques and methods of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) which are available at the best European clinics.

Its founder and CEO David Rumpík, MD has been follower of the best traditions of reproductive medicine of Brno, the first city in Central and Eastern Europe where an IVF baby was born in 1982. Its „creator“, prof.Ladislav Pilka, the doyen of Czech assisted reproduction, was granted award of the International Federation of Fertility and Sterility for work in the field of ART at the congress in San Francisco in 1998. He holds the position of the chief gynecologist until now.

The Clinic‘s building has been recently extensively reconstructed and accommodates the whole complement of reproductive medicine, including IVF out-patient rooms, embryological laboratory, genetical and immunological departments and pharmacy. Out-patient gynecological department is likewise available. For patiens´ comfort, the restaurant and four-star hotel facilities were opened after the reconstruction.

Clinic in Zlín ranks today with more than 1000 IVF cycles per year among five largest IVF centres in the country with success rate of 43,9% of clinical pregnancies/ET in 2010. It has wide database of more than 1000 checked local egg donors, and success rate in this segment of patients reached 65,3% of clinical pregnancies/ET in 2010. It is holder of international certificate of quality – ISO 9001. Important fraction of our clients are foreign infertile couples from all over the world. Zlin has good access by air and road via Prague, Brno and Vienna.  Our staff  speaks English and we employ IVF coordinators for communication in other major languages. We offer to our clients special recreation program in cooperation with the world-famous spa Luhačovice, only 20 km away.

We strongly believe that life cannot be considered our private property, because we have not contributed to its creation in any way. It has only been conferred upon us with the duty to return it extended and improved to our offspring.

The aim of ART is not manipulating natural laws, but optimizing natural fertile ability of a couple who ask for doctor‘s help.

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