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Dear women!

International Agency IRTSA Ukraine on a regular basis conducts matching process of Surrogates among women highly motivated to help infertile couples to become parents .

Our company is the only agency in Ukraine following American standard of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) support. We offer the best and the most fair compensation and legal package for surrogates. Complete confidentiality, legal protection and essential compensations and bonuses are guaranteed. Agency is mostly focused on services for foreign citizens, that is why we can offer higher compensations.


  • Ukrainian permanent residence;
  • age: 22 - 32;
  • physical health (absence of diseases, including previous hepatitis, skin and venereal, hereditary and genetic diseases, reproductive pathologies);
  • mental health (absence of nervous and mental breakdowns, including previous and hereditary);
  • absence of unsuccessful pregnancy and/or delivery including miscarriage, cesarean section;
  • blood Rh (+)
  • one or two children;
  • absence of harmful habits (smoking, alcohol, drug or substance abuse);
  • absence of criminal background
  • husband's/partner's consent.

Terms: All medical, travel (if a candidate resides in other city) and screening expenditures are at the expense of the company.

Legal relations between the Agency and selected candidates are regulated by an agreement strongly protecting rights and interest of parties.

We will duly appreciate your help!

Contact us:

phone: +380 (95) 003-29-78.


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