Programme Overview

A lot of our clients are interested in information about order and duration of different programs. Every program is performed on individual basis and contains several stages:

  1. Introduction: information about company, services and programs offered.
  2. Establishing of legal relations with Agency: issuing of an invoice, signing of agreements. Matching of candidates: work with database of surrogates and/or donors.
  3. Selection of candidate for a Surrogate: client’s meeting with 2 (of 3 proposed) candidates.
  4. Medical examination/ retrieval of material: tests and examinations of Intended Parents, a Surrogate. Retrieval of material.
  5. Establishing of legal relations of Intended Parents with a Surrogate and IVF medical institution.
  6. Medical protocol of IVF program: synchronization of cycles, cultivation of embryos, embryo transfer.
  7. Pregnancy care: supervision of pregnancy and Surrogate’s behavior.
  8. Processing of documents for parental rights registration and child’s documents validation.
  9. Childbirth: supervision, guest services, etc.
  10. Processing of child’s documents: birth certificate, IVF certificate, genetic relationship certificate, etc.

Surrogacy programs with foreign citizens are the most complicated from organizational point of view. That’s why as an example we provide a detailed scheme of our work.

Scheme of Agency’s surrogacy program for foreign couple

Stage 1. Introduction. Consultations and correspondence (individually).

Primary consultation, which is held at our office in Kyiv or by Skype will give you an opportunity to receive all necessary information for decision-making about applying of surrogacy program (with/without donation). We will discuss in detail all aspects of program, including prices, criteria and matching process of a Surrogate and a Donor, medical procedures, legal regulation, peculiarities of legislation, services of Agency, and all stages of work in general. Normally, such consultation lasts for an hour and more.

Stage 2. Establishment of legal relations. Approval of terms and beginning of work (1-2 weeks).

After you have made decision we send for your approval sample copy of an agency agreement, corresponding to the legislation of Ukraine, and an invoice. Our cooperation begins upon signing of an agreement and payment for our Surrogate and/or a Donor matching services.

Stage 3. Surrogate matching process (2-3 weeks).

IRTSA Ukraine Agency includes women to its database of Surrogates only after thorough screening, which consists of medical and psychological examination. During the process the following information is collected: medical history of pregnancy and childbirth, living conditions, criminal background. Surrogates are evaluated according to the score system. We choose 3 most suitable candidates for surrogacy and organize a meeting with 2 of them for your final decision-making.

Stage 3-1. Egg donor matching (1 week).

Except medical and psychological examination, donor is evaluated from the point of view of his genetic medical history and absence of negative phenotype features. Our donors meet your criteria, including their ethnic group and similarity with Intended Parents. There are very attractive donors with model parameters in our database. Selection of an egg donor is usually performed simultaneously with a surrogate matching.

Stage 4. Medical examination of Intended Parents (2-3 days).

Intended Parents also undergo necessary medical screening to evaluate the quality of their genetic material. Besides they talk to a psychologist to determine if they are ready for a program.

Stage 5. Conclusion of agreements (1-2 days).

The next stage is a conclusion of agreements: an agreement between Intended Parents and a Surrogate, and an agreement between Intended Parents and IVF medical institution. Rights, liabilities and responsibilities of all parties shall be stipulated in agreements. Moreover, all important conditions of programs, participants’ parts are stipulated in agreements. In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine agreements shall be composed in Ukrainian (for citizens of Ukraine) or in two languages (one of which is a language of international communication), considering the peculiarities of legislation of home country of Intended Parents, who are foreign citizens.

Stage 6. Medical protocol (40-50 days).

An experienced reproduction specialist will synchronize the cycles of a Surrogate and an Intended Mother/Egg donor. Embryo transfer is usually conducted on the 4th-8th week, after a Surrogate and an Intended Mother/Egg donor have started to take medicine. There are usually 2-3 IVF attempts.

Stage 7. Pregnancy of a Surrogate: supervision and support (32-34 weeks).

After pregnancy confirmation, a Surrogate shall be registered at maternity hospital and shall regularly visit an obstetrician-gynecologist of our clinic. She also receives necessary psychological assistance during the whole program.

Stage 8. Processing of documents for registration of parental rights and validation of child’s documents (35-55 days).

Documents for confirmation of parental rights are processed during the whole duration of program. However, preparation of legal documents for child’s registration in Ukraine and his/her transfer to home country of Intended Parents (if they are foreign citizens) starts 1-2 months prior to childbirth. Scheme of work, order of documents’ registration and communication with employees of diplomatic and registration authorities is individual in every single case, etc.

Stage 9. Birth of a child and validation of his/her documents (30-50 days).

Organization of presence of Intended Parents during child delivery. Processing of child’s documents and their state registration. After documents’ validation Happy Parents come back home with their child.

Stage 10. Partner support of legal procedures in home country of Intended Parents. Confirmation of parental rights. Citizenship of a child (individually).

We will be able to help you with preparation of all necessary documents for confirmation of child’s registration and citizenship at home country of his/her parents. Also we find a competent lawyer (from partner company), who will provide assistance in confirmation of parental rights and other procedures of naturalization of a new citizen.

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