At IRTSA Ukraine you will find a wide range of facilities varying from bundled to individual services. We provide either services in complex (several packages) and separately. 

IRTSA Agency provides the following services:

  • counseling services: 
    • organizational issues;
    • medical counseling;
    • legal counseling;
    • psychological counseling;
  • clinic matching:
    • reproductive clinics of Georgia;
    • reproductive clinics of Ukraine;
    • reproductive clinics of the Czech Republic;
    • reproductive clinics of other countries.
  • organization and support of IVF procedure in Georgia, Ukraine and others;
  • surrogate matching:
    • access to general data-base;
    • individual matching process according to criteria of Intended Parents;
  • donor matching:
    • access to general data-base;
    • individual matching process according to criteria of Intended Parents;
  • coordination of medical program:
    • services of a representative in medical institutions;
    • detached (independent) counseling on medical issues;
  • supervision over the surrogate:
    • full control;
    • partial control;
  • legal services:
    • coordination of legal procedure with representative bodies of parents' home country;
    • drafting and conclusion of contracts between all participants of ART program;
    • processing and signing of informational and legal documents;
    • obtainment of all necessary medical, registry and other documents;
    • translation, notarial certification, documents legalization;
    • legal supervision during meetings with participants of a reproductive program;
    • consultations on the issue of  registering a child in a home country;
    • assistance in solving problems in consulates, migration services, etc;
    • pre-trial settlement of conflicts;
    • advocacy;
  • other services:
    • surrogate background check;
    • visa support;
    • reservation and purchase of tickets;
    • meeting at the airport, railway (bus) station or sea port;
    • rendering of car with a private driver or car for rent;
    • reservation of hotel or apartment;
    • interpreter, guide, baby-sitter, cook, private doctor;
    • organization of insurance (life, health, accident);
    • leisure time: excursions, restaurants, beauty salons, fitness clubs;
    • transportation of embryos, organization and legal support of transportation to and from reproductive clinics.

For details see relevant web-pages.

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