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Property rights. Acceptance of terms of use

These terms and condition of use (hereinafter – “Terms of use”) apply to the website of IRTSA Ukraine (hereinafter – "Agency"), located on the Internet address www.irtsa.com.ua, www.i-r-t-s-a.com and other websites linked to the website www.irtsa.com.ua and owned by Panamedical Group Limited LLC (hereinafter - Company), its branches or offices, including all sites of IRTSA in Ukraine and abroad (jointly referred to as “Site”).

This site is the property of international company "INTMEDTOURISM CONSULTING" LLC. (a part of VERDYS Group International) registered in Ukraine (Kyiv). The name (title): «International Reproductive Technologies Support Agency» and «IRTSA Ukraine» is also used in business intercourse in Ukraine and other countries.


IRTSA reserves the right at its own discretion to change, add or remove particular provisions of these Terms of use. Users of the Site bear responsibility to check periodically these Terms for modifications. If you continue to browse the Site after introduction of modifications it means that you have automatically accepted these modifications.

Information and content of the Site

All text information (texts), graphics (all images), photos, videos, sounds, music, user and visual interfaces, programme codes, names of trade marks, logos (jointly referred to as “Content”), including design, structure, selection, coordination, layout, general style and position of this Content, that comprises the Site, belongs to IRTSA Ukraine. Company and the authorized representatives of the Company manage (including transaction of right of use) Content of the Site, which is protected by trade regulations, copyright, patent law and trademark law, and other rights related to intellectual property and unfair competition legislation of Ukraine.


Use of Content of the Site is any reproduction, distribution, processing and other methods prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine.
Any use of Content of the Site is permitted only after preliminary information of administration of the Company, indicating complete direct hyperlink to corresponding material from the Site. For example, reference in the text of article: «source «Agency «IRTSA Ukraine», then hyperlink to the publication from the Site.


Except the cases indicated in these Terms of use, no part of Content of the Site can be copied, reproduced, published, posted in the Internet, sent by mail, publically demonstrated, encoded, translated, transmitted or distributed in any other way to another computer, server, website or other medium for publication, distribution or any commercial use without preliminary written consent of IRTSA Ukraine.

All Content of the Site may be used exclusively for personal noncommercial purposes.

The use of Content for noncommercial purposes presupposes  its personal or by other persons usage completely or partially without the aim to gain income.

You may use information from the Site (articles, databases of donors, Surrogates, clinics, etc.), which is provided by Company for download if You:

  • make reference about the copyright of the Company in all languages and in all copies of document;
  • have an intention to use such information only for personal noncommercial informative purposes;
  • will not copy or post such information on any network computer or transfer it in uncontrolled channel of information transfer;
  • will not modify such information;
  • will not give negative comments regarding such documents.

In the case of intentions to use Content of the Site for commercial purpose, it is required to agree its terms of use with the administration of Company.

Trade marks. Copyright

This Site contains trademarks (merchandise marks) and service marks of INTMEDTOURISM CONSALTING LLC. and other companies. The use of the trademarks of INTMEDTOURISM CONSALTING LLC. and other companies of VERDYS Group International can be forbidden without their direct written permission.

All materials (Content of the Site), which were created by their respective authors, are subject to copyright. Obtaining permission to use materials from the Site must be agreed with IRTSA Ukraine or their author.

Use of information with the restricted access

It is forbidden to try to get an unauthorized access (by hacking, “analysis” of password or by any other illegal means) to any part or function of the Site, any systems or networks, related to the Site or any server of IRTSA Ukraine, to services and information offered on the Site for payment or provided by Company on a separate agreement (for example, Personal page).

It is strictly prohibited to use the Site and/or its Content with the purpose of or disclosure of any information regarding personal information or information which may identify persons (participants of ART programmes, candidates from the databases of donors and Surrogates, newborn babies, etc.), details of which are closed by administrator of the Site.

Users are also forbidden to test defects of the security system of the Site or break its system of security or authentication. It is forbidden to perform a reverse search, trace or try to trace any information about any other user or visitor of the Site.

All users of the Site automatically agree to take no actions that can create disproportional load on the infrastructure of the Site or system or network of IRTSA Ukraine. They are also obligated not to use any devices, programmes or procedures for interference or attempts of interference into the work of the Site or any operations conducted on the Site. 

Purchase and payment on the Site

Company may determine separate terms regarding purchase and terms of payment of services on the Site. In the case of divergences these terms have priority over the Terms of use.

Rules established by the companies, that provide technical support and conduct transactions are in force while paying with credit card or by SMS.

IRTSA  Ukraine has the right to make changes to any products or services offered on the Site, including changes of their prices, at any time and without notification.  

The following provisions shall also regulate and apply to your use of the Site, and with this reference shall be included to these Terms of use:


When working with the Site and its Contents provisions determined in «Privacy Policy» section and incorporated in these Terms of use are applied. Terms of IRTSA Ukraine Privacy Policy can be found in «Privacy Policy» section of the Site.

By using this Site, every user is aware that data-transfer over the Internet is never completely confidential and safe. Any message or information, sent to the Site can be read or intercepted by third parties, even if it is notified that the particular transfer (for example, information from a credit card) is private (encrypted).

Limitation of Liability

IRTSA Ukraine carries out its activity on the territory of Ukraine and in strict accordance to its legislation. Company, its employees and authorized persons shall not be liable, except the cases as provided for in the legislation of Ukraine, for their deeds on the territory of Ukraine, which are considered as violation of law in the other states, where certain methods of  ART or intermediary services related to their use are forbidden or restricted. The citizens of such states must determine themselves how to act in the case of existence of legal restrictions of obtainment of services offered by IRTSA Ukraine on their own, as well as other difficult situation which may arise in their country, after their appeal to Company.

Violation of these Terms of use

In the case of violation of these Terms of use Company has a right to disclose any present information about the user of the Site (including personal data), if such disclosure is necessary for investigation of a crime or legal proceeding in unlawful use of  the Content of the Site, or for identification with the purpose to fill the lawsuit against a person, who has violated (intentionally or unintentionally) rights of  IRTSA Ukraine or encroached its property, rights and /or property of visitors or users of the Site.

If in a result of violation of these Terms of use by a user of the Site a lawsuit is initiated, IRTSA has right to charge from this user all fees of lawyers (representatives), and all other expenses of this lawsuit, including any other judicial remedy used by Company.

Legislation used in resolving of disputes. Jurisdiction

Users of the Site agree that all questions related to their access to the Site or use of its Content should be regulated by legislation of Ukraine. The same provision is applied for consideration of disputes and conflict situations. All lawsuits regarding such disputes, which were not settled by negotiations, shall be brought before a proper court of London (England). You, as a user of the Site, confirm that you renounce any objections against such jurisdiction or cognizance.

Reviews and information

Any review left by user on the Site is not considered confidential. Therefore it is recommended before sending message (review) to clarify the volume of information you wish to submit.

Please keep up to date with the information on this website.


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