Number 119
Name Viktoriya
Age 22 years old
Profession typist
Education higher
Marital status civil marriage
Children a boy (2 years old)
Ethnic group Slavonic
Health condition healthy
Weight 45 kg
Height 1. 58 cm
Eye color grey
Hair color fair
Blood group III
Factor Rh +
Harmful habits no
Nationality Ukrainian
Experience in surrogacy no

Children is a great happiness for each family. It is unfair that some couples can not experience that feeling. I think those women which are in a power to solve this problem, should do that.

Other surrogates

+ ready


Blood group:I («-»)Height:1.74 cm
Year of birth: 1992Weight:64 kg
Nationality:UkrainianEducation:unfinished higher
+ ready


Blood group:III («+»)Height:1.68 cm
Year of birth: 1996Weight:62 kg
Nationality:UkrainianEducation:post secondary
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