International Reproductive Technologies Support Agency IRTSA

Reproductive medicine has experienced a dynamic growth in recent decades. Cutting edge technologies have made it possible for childless couples to make their dream come true – to have their own genetically related children.

Efficiency and safety of modern reproductive technologies have direct reference to the quality of auxiliary services with legal advice and consulting being on the front line. These services are made a lot of demands on because reproductive technologies cover not only medical but also legal, psychological, and other relevant issues. Complex nature of rendering such specific services has united highly-qualified practicing specialists from most parts of the world which has acquired international status.

The first office of IRTSA has been established in Ukraine (since 2009) taking into account the fact that a great majority of countries restricts application of assisted reproductive technologies and broker services in this sphere. Such a choice is not accidental since Ukrainian legislation has one of the most loyal regulations for reproductive technologies while local clinics apply progressive medical approaches.

Key tasks of our project are not only organizing and ensuring of reproductive program fulfillment, but also protecting rights and interests of all participants involved. We hope that our assistance will be useful for many including medical institutions, Intended Parents, and other participants of abovementioned legal relations.

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