Organizational issues

Me and my husband have never been in Ukraine. Can your Agency reserve tickets for us and meet us at the airport?

Katherine and Dennis, Detroit

Our Agency has an opportunity to provide you with almost all range of services to organize your arrival to Ukraine. We meet you at the airport, transfer to the hotel with a room reserved for you in advance. You can have a driver, an interpreter, and a guide. Our manager will make sure you feel here like home.

How many times should we come to Kyiv during the program? How long do we have to stay there during each arrival?

Sophie and Albert, Dublin

You have to come to Kyiv al least twice: at the beginning of the program, after medical examination, reproductive material retrieval, legal documents processing, etc, and then – prior to child’s birth. But all the programs are individual, that is why you have to coordinate it with Agency manager and doctors.

Today there are many announcements of young women willing to be surrogates. They state that women are already examined, healthy and agree for a small compensation up to 3,000-5,000 USD. Is this a real amount or just a fraud?

Oksana, Kyiv

If you search for a Surrogate in the Internet, you run a high risk to become a victim of fraudsters. Women intentionally fake medical certificates (use old or someone’s medical documents, arrange with doctors, etc.). Some of them ask for money to undergo medical examination or to come to Intended Parents and disappear after that. There were some cases when Surrogates after achieving pregnancy tried to squeeze higher compensation blackmailing Intended Parents to make an abortion. 3,000-5,000 USD  is an incredibly low amount in Ukraine. This is the amount for India. Be careful while negotiating with those Surrogates who agree for such amount.

How does your Agency check physical and mental health of candidates for surrogacy during matching process?

Ihor, Moscow

First, every female applicant sends her application with the basic personal information. After primary selection we invite women to our office in Kyiv for an interview (or this interview is conducted by our representative in the region). The interview is aimed to clear out the issues of candidate’s personality. Women undergo testing for attention, adequacy of information perception, and intellectual abilities. Psychological attitude of candidates and understanding of their mission is checked. After this selected candidates undergo medical examination and tests. According to these results and scored grades, we take a decision about conclusion of agreement with them and including them into our data base.

Does a surrogate has a right to care about a child after his birth, namely breast feeding?

Veronika, Rostov

Of course, not. But there were some cases when biological parents asked a Surrogate to take care of their child, namely to breastfeed him/her.

Will a Surrogate have child visitation rights?

Oleh, Kyiv

No. After child registration in Vital Registration Office a Surrogate is not related to the child either legally or in fact. If you wish you may have no contacts with her.

I would like to know the exact cost of surrogacy in Ukraine and which are its stages.

Ihor, Munchen

Cost of the program depends on many factors, namely on donor participation, surrogate’s compensation, etc. Also, there are different prices for citizens of different countries. First of all see “Prices for Services” and feel free to contact the Agency for any further information. Only after clarifying all details our manager can count your price for selected programme. To find out all stages of the program see “Program Overview”.

How does order of payment look like? Can I divide the amount in parts and pay for each stage separately?

Elsa, Stuttgart

Mostly the amount is paid by parts. But some clients prefer to pay complete amount – this presupposes a discount.

How long does it take to select a Donor and a Surrogate? How does matching process go?

Rita, Moscow

Agency has its own data base of donors and surrogates. They are quite vast. By the way, not all our candidates are introduced on our web-page. Matching process is individual so clients decide on their own how much time  they need for final decision-making. We receive criteria of a client, select applications and give them to a client. Usually these are three candidates but the client selects 2 of them which he is going to meet. So this process can take from several days to several weeks.

How to be sure that a Surrogate does not drink alcohol, take drugs, has no criminal background?

Alina, Kyiv

This is checked on the stage of selection and including into Agency data base. But if needed we can provide a service of background check by private detective. This is a paid service.

How control over a Surrogate’s health condition and behavior is provided?

Ivan, Kharkov

Surrogate’s health is controlled by several people: doctor of a private clinic, doctor of women's counseling centre, who conducts pregnancy care, and Agency Supervisor. Agency Supervisor controls a Surrogate’s behavior and her following provisions of the agreement with Intended Parents. We offer several variants of supervising (see “Control over a Surrogate).

How to use the personal page of a client on your web-page?

Isabelle, Toulouse

The personal page of a client is one of Agency’s innovations. Such page is launched after pregnancy confirmation and provides information on pregnancy course, Supervisor’s report, Surrogate’s diary, etc. Usually previously inform each client in advance how to work with the personal page. There is a login and a password for individual access to the page.

I want to use my own eggs. How long do I have to stay in Ukraine for medical procedures?

Irina, Moscow

Sometimes medical examination and stimulation take 2-3 weeks. You can also start a protocol in your country and come to a clinic on 8-10th day of your cycle. Consequently, you need to come to Ukraine only for a week. These issues are individual, so it is better to consult a doctor.

Which are requirements to become a Surrogate in Ukraine?

Andrey, Dnepropetrovsk

Surrogate has to be a mother of at least one child, be at the age from 18 to 36, mentally and physically healthy, have no unsuccessful pregnancy or delivery history. They mandatory overcome complete medical examination to define their ability to be a Surrogate. Except, it is highly recommended to be screened for psychological and moral qualities.

3,000-5,000 USD

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