Prices for Residents of Australia and New Zealand

ServicesCost, €Description
Counseling services
Primary counseling on organizational issuesfor free 
Surrogate matching

from 2200

(from all cities except Kiev and Kiev region)

  • medical and psychological screening of a Surrogate;
  • offering 2-3 candidates (taking into account individual criteria of Intended Parents);
  • organization of a meeting with a Surrogate.

from 2640

(from Kiev and Kiev region)

Donor matchingfrom 1200
  • offering 3-5 candidates (taking into account individual criteria of Intended Parents);
  • medical screening of a Donor.
Surrogate background check (if Intended Parents offer their own candidate)from 1000
  • verification of the data, stated in the application of a Surrogate;
  • verification of mental condition of a Surrogate and/or her close relatives;
  • medical documentation check;
  • check of health condition of a Surrogate’s children and members of her family;
  • evaluation of Surrogate’s living conditions;
  • collection of information about people a Surrogate lives and communicates with;
  • criminal background check of a Surrogate;
  • check if there was any substance abuse treatment of a Surrogate;
  • obtainment of additional information (other circumstances, Intended Parents are interested in).
Obtainment of genetic relationship certificate1000 
Medical program organization and supervision100/month
  • providing information about a clinic;
  • organization of medical examination;
  • presence while attending clinic;
  • monitoring and supervision over program course.
Legal services
Legal support of surrogacy program prior to child’s birthfrom 2000
  • counseling on legal issues;
  • legal support of legal relations with a clinic;
  • issuance of contracts and other legal documents with all participants of the program;
  • obtainment of notarized consent of Surrogate’s husband for Surrogate participation in the program;
  • obtainment of IVF certificate in a clinic;
Legal support of surrogacy programme after child’s birthfrom 2500
  • obtainment of medical birth certificate of a child;
  • support of issuance of Surrogate’s consent on child registration as a child of Intended Parents;
  • document validation, notary certification, translation;
  • issuance of the documents required by embassy and migration service;
  • counselling on peculiarities of child's registration in a home country of Intended Parents.
Compensation, other expenses (recommended and negotiable prices)
One-time compensation to a Surrogatefrom 14 500 
Rent of apartment in Kyiv (depending on a region)from 300/monthone-room apartment
from 550/monthtwo-room apartment
from 800/monththree-room apartment
Maternity clothes for a Surrogate800one-time payment
Surrogate allowancefrom 400/month
  • food;
  • vitamins;
  • household stuff
One-time compensation to an Egg Donorfrom 1000 
Supervisor services
Stay with a Surrogate from 8.00 to 20.0060
  • housework;
  • visiting a doctor with a Surrogate;
  • control over a Surrogate following doctor’s prescriptions;
  • control over a Surrogate taking medicine and following healthy life style;
  • writing daily reports.
Hourly visiting of a Surrogate25/hour
  • visiting a Surrogate;
  • visiting a doctor with a Surrogate;
  • control over a Surrogate taking medicine and following healthy life style.
Services of a housemaid300/monthhousework
Services of a baby-sitterfrom 8/houra baby-sitter for a future child/Surrogate’s child
Organization of insurance
Insurance of Surrogate’s lifefrom 200 
Insurance of Surrogate’s healthdepending on insured amount 
Insurance contribution1000
  • in case of emergency or unpredictable situation;
  • insurance contribution is completely (if there was no case of emergency or unpredictable situation) or partially refundable (the rest of the amount).
Interpreter services
Еnglish interpreterfrom 25/hour 
Other language interpreterfrom 35/hour 
Guest services
Meeting at the airport, transfer from the airport to the hotelfrom 50
  • meeting at the airport;
  • accompanying to the hotel.
Meeting at the railway (bus) station, transfer from the station to the hotelfrom 25
  • meeting at the station;
  • accompanying to the hotel.
Providing car with a driver100/day 
Services for apartment search for a Surrogatefrom 250one-room apartment
from 450two-room apartment
from 600three-room apartment
Reservation of hotel and air tickets10 
Sightseeingfrom 35/2 hours
  • visiting places of interests in Kiev;
  • services of English speaking guide.

Note: prices are subject to change caused by foreign exchange rate fluctuation.

Package of services "IVF in Ukraine" (organizational, medical and legal services) - 6500 - 8500 USD 

Package of services "IVF in the Czech Republic" (organizational, medical and legal services) - 8000 - 10000 USD 

Package of services "IVF in Georgia" (organizational, medical and legal services) - 6000 - 8000 USD 

Package of services "SURROGACY" (organizational, medical and legal services + compensations) - 43 500 - 45 000 USD 

Package of services "SURROGACY + EGG DONATION" (organizational, medical and legal services + compensations) - from 46 000 USD 

Package of services "SURROGACY for Single parent" in the Czech Republic (organizational, medical and legal services + compensations) - from 55 000 USD

Package of services "SURROGACY for same-sex couples" in the Czech Republic (organizational, medical and legal services + compensations) - from 65 000 USD.

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