Utah twins are pregnant again with their 2nd set of twins


KSL-TV reports that the two women are identical twins who already each have one set of twins. Now, they are getting ready to each have a second set of twins next spring.

"To have twins twice is incredible," Wall said.

Both Lindon women had their first set of fraternal twins after using in vitro fertilization after they struggled to get pregnant. This summer, both found out they are having twins again. They are both due two weeks apart next spring.

"It was like just one shock after another all summer long," said Bunker.

The latest sign marked that the two women are destined to live similar lives. They are both teachers at the same school, and they married best friends.

And their first sets of twins are similar in age, as well. Bunker's twins, Kole and Hallie, are 3-years-old. Wall's twins, Madison and McKell, are 4-years-old.

Bunker and Wall say they see similarities in how their twins interact and how they get along, including how they are protective of each other.

The only one difference between Bunker and Wall and their own twins is that they probably won't have to worry about people not being able to distinguish between them. Since they are fraternal twins, they look more like siblings than identical twins.

On the other hand, Bunker and Wall still get people confused. They said the principal at Timpanogos Academy where they teach couldn't tell them apart when they first started working there.

Bunker does know what it's like to have a single baby: she has a 2-year-old girl, Sadie, who was not a twin.

According to Wall, it’s a true blessing to be a twin. "Truthfully there's nothing better than having a best friend with you all the time," Wall said.

Source: timesunion.com

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