French scientists have managed to grow human sperm cells in vitro


Specialists at Kallistem managed to develop technology differentiation of germinal stem cells, allowing subsequently to make in vitro morphologically normal sperm cells. Successful cultivation of sperm in laboratory conditions became possible only after the establishment of a bioreactor based on chitosan. Reported in a press release of the research center.

The first successful experience in the production of sperm took place in late 2014. Production technology of male germ cells, called Artistem, was patented on June 25, 2015.

Subsequently, the new technology can be applied in the treatment of male infertility. Currently there are over 120 thousand. men whose fertility can not be be restored by existing therapies.

However, it is too early to talk about the practice of the invention of French scientists. As for now are carried out preclinical tests the quality of the sperm in vitro. Further it is planned the organization of biochemical and epigenetic studies of human male germ cells.

Based on: UNIAN

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