After an appeal to the Ukrainian Center for Reproductive Medicine BioTexCom the child was taken from the couple and sent to an orphanage


Surrogacy in Italy is illegal. That is the reason why every year hundreds of Italians go on a trip abroad, including Ukraine, where the use of such "services" is not a crime. In 2011 the couple from Cremona addressed Ukrainian Center for Reproductive Medicine BioTexCom. In their case, this issue on a number of subjective and objective reasons became public, gaining considerable attention.

On the basis of currently available information, for the service surrogate was paid a lump sum of 30 thousand euros, and Italian couple had (at least two) visits to the capital of Ukraine. First one, to meet the woman who will bear "their" child, and the second during delivery and subsequent registration of the newborn as their son in registry office in Kiev - Ukrainian laws do not forbid the issuance of a birth certificate for a child from surrogate mother. The secret may never be made manifest if, after returning to Italy and registration of the child, someone in the community of "well-wishers " not declared to the Italian prosecutor's office that the child's mother has never been seen pregnant .

Even when the case went to court it was unclear how the clinic received father's biological material. According to one version, sperm was taken during one of his stays in Kiev. However, according to the site of the medical center BioTexCom, the container with frozen sperm, together with other supporting documents were received by mail. This discrepancy has subsequently led to shocking results. Based on DNA analysis, it became clear that this child is not only born by the surrogate mother, but Italian father is not his real father. At the moment, the boy is in a children's home. Lawyer Giovanni Passoni is hoping to achieve the reunification of the family, he is going to make the main focus of his defense on the fact that surrogacy is recognized in many countries around the world.

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